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A space I’ve inhabited, made and created, my own

Enclosed and safe from the outside

Wrapped within it, my own thoughts and feelings.

A web spun with my own hands,

Intune with the lines that surround me,

I pull them out into the space, overlap, weave

Extending the lines of the space, pulling the walls into distortion,

Beyond recognition, beyond their normal bounds.

Lines creating pathways that intertwine with the solid surface,

But only fleeting in its existence

Made only for the pleasure of the visual gaze

Its lasting impression sinks deep into my mind

As I begin the almost performance like deconstruction

 Tearing into the surface of the line

Crumpling at the touch

Beginning at the furthest reach I pull into myself

Pulling, unwinding, unravelling

The once strong lines lay lifeless and weak and unable to withstand any force put upon them.

I am surrounded in what’s left of my destruction

Tangled in its sticky web

It now a space unrecognisable to the space I created and inhabited

But unlike the space it was before

My lines no longer present but their traces left in the surface of the floors

The spaces between the lines 

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