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I am moving through time

On a journey through the eye and mind

But I’m paralysed, I cannot move

Time no longer feels linear, its circular moving around and around

The movement, rhythm, beat, seem to flow within my body

The pulsations become internal, flowing to the beat of my own heart

This rhythm or beat feels smooth, circular and round

Contrasting with the harshness of the visual forms that meet the eye

Fragmented, sharp and demanding my attention

To see, to view, to experience

I cannot resist the pull

These circular seductive rhythms with the harsh sharp edges of the forms pull me towards them

A perfect mix of harmonies that entrance and paralyse my being

They have me caught in their never ending flow

Time becomes immeasurable

No end, no exit, no escape

The lines that surround me are devouring me, wrapping me, enclosing me, becoming me

This feeling no longer a loss of control over the senses

But a release from my own bodily demands

I am free, for a second I am free

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